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Andrew Dodds

Drew was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, June 13, 1945 and at a young age moved with his parents, Tom and Isabel, to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Tom Dodds at age 21 was a Vickers machine gunner with the British Army, Manchester Regiment and a veteran of the Battle of Dunkirk, France (1940) during the Second World War.

Many of Drew's teenage years were spent traveling to North Dakota and Minnesota, the two states bordering the Province of Manitoba. It was during this time that Drew kindled many friendships with Americans, while strongly believing in U.S. Foreign Policy, and the stabilization of democracy in Southeast Asia.

In 1967 Drew attended the United States Marine Corps Recruiting Center and U.S. Military Induction Facility, Fargo, North Dakota, volunteering for combat in Vietnam. The British Government later restricted this request and without aquiring a U.S. immigration visa, Drew was required to return to Canada.

In 1998 a chance visit on the internet to the Vietnam Wall website, brought the name "Larry Floyd Dodds" to Drew's attention by the fact that they shared the same last name. Since that "moment of destiny" Drew now travels to Booneville, Mississippi on a regular basis and is considered part of the "Dodds Clan" by Larry's parents Floyd and Emogene and their entire family.

Through Larry's untimely death thirty-six years ago while in the service of his beloved America and Drew's lifelong interest in military history, this special connection has given inspiration to the publishing of American Heroes Remembered.

It is with great admiration and respect that this book honors Larry Floyd Dodds and his "Band of Brothers", that very special select fellowship of American Heroes.

We will remember them.

Andrew Dodds

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